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SISTERS EU Project Stop Food Waste Campaign #StopFoodWasteDay

Stop Food Waste Day is an International Day of Action that takes place in April every year. The day aims to raise awareness about the issue of food waste and encourage people to take action to reduce the amount of food that is wasted around the world.

Food waste is a major global issue, with an estimated one-third of all food produced for human consumption being lost or wasted every year. This equates to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food, which could feed the world’s hungry four times over. Food waste also has significant environmental and economic impacts, including the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, water wastage, and increased food prices.

The aim of Stop Food Waste Day is to raise awareness about the issue of food waste and encourage people to take action to reduce it. There are many simple steps that individuals can take to reduce food waste, such as planning meals in advance, buying only what is needed, and storing food correctly to extend its shelf life. Businesses and organizations can also take action to reduce food waste by implementing waste reduction strategies, such as composting, donating surplus food to those in need, and working with suppliers to reduce overproduction.

From April 17-28th, SISTERS EU Project organises a D&C campaign with many actions and exciting collaborations in order to raise awareness of food loss and waste at the consumption stage of the #FoodValueChain!


#SISTERSStopsFoodWaste Giveaway


👉Would you like to win this kit of #sustainable containers made 100% of recycled #organic materials to carry your food anywhere you go?

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2. Mention one person in the comments (the more you comment, the more chances to win!)

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SISTERS is an EU funded Horizon 2020 project

The project started on November 2021. It will last 4 years and gathers 18 partners from 8 different European countries:

AITIIP Centro Tecnológico (ES)-project coordinator, Agence BM-services (FR), Riberebro Integral S.A. (ES), PROEXPORT (ES), Munster Technological University (IE), Rebus Labs AG (CH), CARBIOLICE (FR), BIO-MI d.o.o (HR), ITC Packaging s.l. (ES), KTH Royal Institute of Technology (SE), Natureplast SAS (FR), EROSKI (ES), Fondazione Edmund Mach (IT), Laboratori Archa s.r.l. (IT), Enco Consulting s.r.l. (IT), INNOVARUM (ES), Safe Food Advocacy Europe A.S.B.L. (BE) and GAIA BioMaterials (SE).

Follow the project social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 101037796



Gaia BioMaterials is a Swedish company that develops and produces biodegradable biomaterials. With our patented material, Biodolomer®, we are revolutionizing the plastics industry and contributing to a cleaner and healthier planet. Biodolomer® is inspired by a half-a-billion-year-old packaging design from Mother Earth – the egg. Read more.


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Published date

12 juli 2023


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