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Merchant Leads the Way in Sweden: Starts with Compostable Grocery Bags Before Tax is Removed
Merchant Leads the Way in Sweden: Starts with Compostable Grocery Bags Before Tax is Removed

Filip Cronberg runs ICA Kvantum in Klippan. Despite the so-called “plastic bag tax” not disappearing until November, he has already started selling compostable grocery bags from  Gaia Biomaterials.

 – We completely stopped using regular plastic bags several years ago and switched to compostable bags from Gaia, says Filip Cronberg.


But when the plastic bag tax was introduced, the authorities decided that it would also apply to compostable bags. This was totally insane, but it made us completely switch to paper bags.


It has now been decided that the tax will be removed starting November 1. Already today, ICA Kvantum in Klippan has reintroduced compostable carrier bags.


– Both the customers and we have missed them, and now we are bringing them back. Even though there will be a few months where they are still taxed,


– They are much better than the paper bags. They take up less space, hold much better for heavy goods, and are not moisture-sensitive. You can reuse them at least 10 times. And –  they are compostable.


The bags are made from Gaia Biomaterials’ material Biodolomer, which is based on limestone. Biodolomer is used for a variety of products as a replacement for plastic and paper and is certified compostable both in the EU and the USA. It does not produce microplastics and, if incinerated, emits up to 80% less CO2 than regular plastic bags.


– Our bags removed at least 20 million plastic bags per year from the Swedish market and we completely replaced plastic at many retailers, says Peter Stenström, CEO of Gaia Biomaterials.


– But when the plastic bag tax came, we pretty much shut down all production. It’s nice that lawmakers have now come to their senses. And even more fun that Filip and ICA Kvantum in Klippan are leading the way!

Published date

10 juni 2024


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