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Gaia Biomaterials goes west!
Gaia Biomaterials goes west!

Gaia Biomaterials goes west!

Last month, we received the first US Compostability certificate for our “nonplastic” material, Biodolomer. Biodolomer is a limestone-based bioplastic that can replace fossil plastic in almost any application.


Now things are really happening!

 The first sea containers are on their way across the Atlantic to converters in the USA as we speak. We even have converters who had asked for test batches to be flown over by air cargo.

 So, before you know it, you might find limestone-based, compostable bags, cups, drinking straws, aprons, etc., near you.

If your brand is curious about how you can replace plastic with a non-plastic, reach out.

Published date

3 maj 2024


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